Friday, April 19, 2013

Recent Discovery of Doctor/Patient Issues

When you go to the doctor, do the document everything you tell them? 

How do you know if they document? 


There are several cases that I have been informed of where the doctors have not been documenting. How did this affect them? 


We need to spread the word about this issue and make sure that doctors are documenting appropriately. This will not only help people to receive the benefits they deserve but it will allow their children and family with their health issues in the future. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lost Hope and. New Beginning

Lost Hope and a New Beginning

With every day that goes by, 
I can only bring myself to cry, 
With head in hands and all lost hope, 
I fight each day, ' cause that's how I cope. 
Sadness turns into anger and anger into speech, 
Stunned by my irrational relational breech. 

But as hands reach out, 
I stand up and shout, 
As I feel the hope flow again. 

Through a new beginning, 
My head is spinning, 
From all of my new found friends. 

I will get up and smile, 
Even just for awhile, 
Not because I have to but becaus I am truly happy. 

I will write the sadness down, 
With sobs and a frown, 
Until it no longer feels sappy.

It may be hard to get past the hurt, 
And people may call me a piece of dirt,
But if I am to be dirt then so be it, 
Becue the most beautiful things grow from it,

So, here and now, 
I swear and vow, 
That change for the better is on its way, 
No matter how or in which way, 
Get up now....and live for today!


By, Jesse Azzopardi 

Dedicated to those who feel all hope is lost. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Flash Mob

My mom and I are planning on hand delivering the "Give Breast Cancer Patients the Benefits they Deserve" petition to as many Oregon Representatives as possible. I am asking that you join me in wearing signs on your chest and back stating if you know someone who is going through cancer any situations pertaining to cancer and how you feel about it! 

It will be a non-violent Cancer Awareness Flash Mob!! We are going to be meeting at

 State Capitol, 900 Court Street, Salem, OR 97301 at 10:30am.

Please understand that this will not in anyway be negative. Please be respectful and peaceful! 

Thank you and hope to see you there! 

If you can't go we totally understand. If you wouldn't mind adding your signature to the petition that would be great. Also, if you are willing please send me your story through email I would love to read it and bring awareness to your situations. 

Our petition:

My email:

OR post on our blog:

I wish you all well and please know there are people out there in your situation and there are people like me advocating for you!! 


Monday, February 11, 2013


We need 1,000 signatures on our online petition before February 28th, 2013!!!


If you are wondering about the date please see our news broadcast and  here: 

We are here to spread the word about all the women (and men)  with cancer/have had cancer that are fighting to get Social Security Benefits in a more timely manner. As of right now they are all having to wait upwards of 3 years to just get a hearing for their Social Security Benefits. 

Please read our petition for more information and sign it. If you do not want to sign it then please share it with your friends and family so that we can spread the word regarding this issue. (There is also an important event that will be happening on February 28th, 2013 if we can get enough signatures.

Please Spread The Word!!! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Rady Lady! Thank you!

Since my mom and I have been trying to bring awareness to breast cancer and the issues so many women face, we have come into contact with many people who are advocating as well.
One of the people we have met is, Sherry. She is the owner and operator of Rady Lady website and facebook page.

Sherry's mission:  

"Rady Lady® is a doll in the form of a lamb,
Take her along to your annual mammogram.
Rady is a reminder to keep you aware,
Of the benefits of mammograms for women everywhere.
Her ribbon-shaped horns bring awareness to cancer,
Should you face the diagnosis, peace through faith is the answer.
Good news or uncertain, let Rady calm your fears,
Just hug her tightly, should your eyes shed tears.
Rady will be there through any distress,
Allow your faith to take care of the rest." 
--------Sherry Nance----------

She has agreed to help donate a small portion to help my mom and her cause if people are willing to buy from her online store. 

Please, if you can, consider buying and donating to the amazingly helpful causes. Or if you would like to help my mom directly you can go to  

My mother is not the only one who needs financial assistance. There are so many women who have or have had breast cancer who do not know where to go for help. We are here advocating to bring them the information of people that will be able to help them financially, emotionally and spiritually. Our blog is set forth as an informative resource hub for thosewho have no idea where to start asking for financial and emotional help.


Join us in our quest to spread awareness. Join us in advocating for you and others like you. Let's re-establish the community that is now becoming non-existent. Let's prove that there is still that sense of community out there and bring it into the open!!! 

Thank you Sherry from Rady Lady for doing what you do! 

Have a good day!!